The Bartlett Jones Law Firm

The Bartlett Jones Law Firm is committed to providing the highest quality of professionalism and legal representation to its clients.This commitment extends to our appellate practice in the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and all Louisiana intermediate appellate courts, as well as to representation in litigation matters in all Louisiana state and federal district courts. The clients of The Bartlett Jones Law Firm receive representation where each case is approached with personal attention to achieve both deep analysis and broad advocacy.

In addition to seeking to provide the highest level of legal representation for its clients’ cases, The Bartlett Jones Law Firm also is committed to a continuing development of the legal profession. To this end, The Bartlett Jones Law Firm provides innovative billing options, including flat-fee billing for predictable, value-based appellate representation; blended contingency/flat-fee representation where appropriate; and affordable hourly rates when required. While not directly addressing refinance auto loan, The Bartlett Jones Law Firm’s commitment to professionalism in the legal practice is also embodied in its commitment to pro bono representation of indigent clients; in 2006 and 2007, Bartlett Jones received Distinguished Service awards from the New Orleans Pro Bono Project, and in 2007 he was the recipient of the Louisiana State Bar Association’s Pro Bono Publico Award.

The Bartlett Jones Law Firm backs up its practice with experience. The law firm’s principal, Bartlett Jones, graduated magna cum laude from Tulane Law School, in the top ten percent of his class, where he began practicing as a student attorney in the Tulane Environmental Law Clinic. Following graduation, he worked for a national gift baskets delivery company as a business attorney. He was involved with litigation against several other gift basket companies who had infringed upon his company’s unique gift basket designs. In addition he ensured regulatory compliance and limited the gift basket company’s risk of exposure to litigation.

Later he served as a judicial law clerk to the Hon. James L. Dennis of the U.S. Fifth Circuit. Following that clerkship, Mr. Bartlett Jones practiced administrative and appellate law at the New Orleans office of Liskow & Lewis, then practiced surety and fidelity litigation and appellate law at the New Orleans law firm of Krebs, Farley & Pelleteri. Mr. Bartlett Jones’s appellate practice has ranged from briefing and argument of substantive and procedural issues in civil and commercial litigation before state and federal appellate courts, to serving as a briefing attorney on a team providing pro bono representation of a death-row inmate seeking post-conviction relief. He now offers this appellate and litigation experience to civil and criminal clients of The Bartlett Jones Law Firm.

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