The Bartlett Jones Legal firm guarantees a prompt response to all inquiries regarding representation and other questions regarding the practice.

The Bartlett Jones Legal Firm

Bart Jones stays in close contact with clients before, throughout and after a case. Our team of lawyers and staff makes sure that you feel safe, and satisfied. Good communication is a skill that has to be taught, nurtured and practiced in order to maintain a positive experience. Any good leader, business owner or boss can tell you that no matter what happens if communication is open and considerate with a client, things tend to happen far more smoothly. Even when it comes to small matters, like discussing chores in a household, or having a confrontation with your one of your next door neighbors. This last matter although not legal can be both anxiety inducing as well as tedious. Confrontation is always difficult and can be easier when coached. Although she is not a lawyer she does have a lot of experience communicating with others and getting her point across. She gives advice about how to talk to your neighbors and gives more than just one suggestion, because she too understands that the way in which the communication happens is possibly MORE important that what is communicated. She instructs you to be aware of your own goals, to communicate them kindly and that finding a resolution is key however you must not completely compromise your intent. Being clear, calm and open is always important when communicating.

Our legal firm is well vetted for good communicators. All of our staff is open to building their own skills as more effective communicators to help enhance the positive experience of our clients. Be sure to send us a message about any complaints, or suggestions you have to our HR.

During the week we are available to talk in person or via the telephone from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm and then from 3:30 pm to 5:30pm. The weekends are reserved for currently clientele and by appointment only between the hours of 10am and 4pm. Email inquiry is also welcome and a response can be expected within 5 business days. However, we do recommend calling or arriving in person as it allows for questions and answers which can allow a better understanding of your particularly case. Any case that we take on will require a sit down discussion or a skype/internet call discussion and interview before proceeding.

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