Employee Standards

We choose to only hire the finest that the legal field has to offer here at Bartlett Legal. You see we find that an organization is only as strong as it’s weakest link so we want to introduce you to the kind of employees we like to retain around here given the chance. First, there is a very strict process of both written and verbal interviews just to get your foot in the door. We must ensure every candidate is well spoken and able to represent the firm appropriately. We also review every resume in depth for discrepancies. In addition to the “normal questions” a firm might ask we also include a handful of much more interesting questions as well. I don’t want to disclose all of our secrets but telling you one or two should not hurt any body too much.

You see, it means much more to us to get a well rounded individual to join our family than someone that is finely tuned in their craft but has little or no interests or abilities outside of work. We want people that are social butterflies in their own way. It doesn’t nee to be much but we do ask for a list of serious hobbies, interests and abilities one would bring to the team completely outside of the facilitation of their employment requirements. Basically, should we hire you, what do you bring to the team? We have had answers of many various shapes and sizes.

Basics like reading, video games, writing, art, martial arts are often the go to for many people and we value these interesting skills and hobbies but we always take interest in the people with the abstract or adventurous answers the most. We have had answers like “I run towards trouble” backed up with a picture of the person receiving the medal of valor from military service. Now that’s creative and expresses the exact kind of gritty determination one needs to make it in this business. We never really expect for any of our people to have to use any of the extra-curricular skills but knowing that we are employing well developed individuals goes a long way towards making our minds rest easy.

To make this short, I just want to explain that in order to grow a business you must treat it as ore than just another company. It needs more than just some employees. If you are really interested in creating a firm that will stand the test of time you must find a way to turn that organization into a family. The best way to do this is to find people that already function well in the world outside of the business at hand.