Example 1

Let me tell you the story of an injury that occurred to a client we represented & the grave injustice that she endured during recovery. I take you to the story of Sherry a 43 year old married, mother of 3. Her husband works hard & with both incomes the family gets along fabulously. One child had left the house but is still depending on her mother & father to continue helping her pay for college. The other 2 children both still lived at home one was in elementary school & the other high school. The whole family is comfortable & happy until Sherry has an accident which seriously inhibited Sherry’s ability to continue working because of an injured back. She was shopping a local convenience store when she slipped and fell damaging her spinal column. She found herself constrained to a wheelchair & could no longer offer the same assistance to any of her children. She required surgery after surgery & was always in pain.
The injury & subsequent surgeries are not the worst part of this story. The convenience store refused responsibility for the accident & refused to properly compensate Sherry who only wanted to pay her medical bills then get back to the business of living. When Sherry approached us & we heard about this story we took the case immediately. once we were on her side we referred her to all of the right doctors & clinics. We helped her to get a loan against a future settlement which we were certain would be issued & we took her case in order to make sure that in the future she would not have to worry about the same mistreatment. Soon after we entered negotiations for her the convenience store owner revealed he was uninsured which was the real reason for his previous view point. We began negotiating an acceptable settlement for both parties who ended up satisfied with the solution. Sherry was not in control of the shop keepers decision to allow his insurance to lapse. She was not at fault & was injured through no fault of her own.
Sherry would have lost the ability to pay her mortgage. She would not have been able to continue paying for her daughters schooling & her other children would have likely lost many of the things that the family had worked so hard to get. Instead she was able to pay not only her medical bills but her bills in general. Also she was able to take the time she needed off work & even though she is not back to work & cannot live the same lifestyle anymore she is able to take care of herself & is getting much healthier all of the time.

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