Example 3

I was swimming last summer at a friends house. It was a beautiful day. The temperature was in the low 90’s, perfect. I had my family with me. We were invited to enjoy a good swim and some BBQ food. We’d received and accepted the same invitation a dozen times. My son, my daughter, my wife and I had been in the pool dozens of times with no problem at all. We expected the same result but that hope was in vain.

Let me start from the beginning because I am sure you are wondering how a good family friend ended up in a lawsuit with us. Let me explain first that I don’t blame them at all. This was an accident ad they had no way to prevent it. When we arrived my daughter was the first to get to the swimming pool. She jumped right in, like normal, to cool off from the warm weather. To her surprise there was a broken glass bottle at the bottom of the pool. Before she realized it she was cut severely and pouring out blood. It took no time at all and the water around her turned pink then red then dark red. You could see the entire pool starting to change color before anybody was able to reach her.

I jumped in and luckily had my shoes on at the time because if I had removed them then I would have surely ended up in the same precarious situation. It didn’t take me long. By the time I was out of the pool our friends had produced a stack of clean towels and my wife was on the phone with 911. The operator stayed on the line with us while the ambulance was sent to the address. It was only a matter of moments but there was blood everywhere. We placed rags over the wounds and applied pressure as we were instructed and luckily we were able to slow the bleeding.

The ambulance took 9 minutes and 18 seconds from the time the call was made before it arrived. it felt like a lifetime. It seemed like so much more time. Everything from that point kind of blurs because the paramedics took over and loaded her up into the vehicle. They rushed her over to the hospital where 62 stitches we put in between both feet. They said that she didn’t seem like she had any nerve damage. Even though it was not our friends fault necessarily because someone threw that bottle there without their knowledge there was a large medical bill to be paid for. We did file a lawsuit and they had no problem with it. They had homeowners insurance that ended up paying the bills.