The Bartlett Jones Law Firm, APLC, will never charge for an initial consultation, so please contact Bartlett Jones directly to discuss the possibility of representation. 

Testimonial: I have made use of the Bartlett Jones Law Firm to represent my aunt, in a real estate dispute regarding property in Louisiana. My aunt had bought a piece of property with the understanding that it was possible to build a commercial entity upon it- namely a hotel/resort. It turned out that this was not the case and my aunt needed to sue in order to recover her money. Apparently these people preyed on unsuspecting potential victims via their facebook pages. On my aunt’s facebook page they found whom they thought would be the perfect victim. But this victim fought back with the help of the Bartlett Jones Law Firm who won her appeal and recovered not only her initial monies but also punitive damages. Thank you Bartlett Jones for your stead fast, aggressive approach towards these crooks.

Once you decide to retain The Bartlett Jones Law Firm, that representation will be subject to the following fees:

Flat-rate Appeals
The Bartlett Jones Law Firm believes that the value of appellate representation is enhanced by instilling predictability in the cost of that representation. What the client should pay for is the value of high-quality appellate representation, not how long it takes an attorney to put that representation together. Accordingly, the Bartlett Jones Law Firm has put together the following schedule of flat-fees for various appellate representation tasks. No matter how much time it takes, the client receives the full value of the representation at a set, predictable cost. (When retained during litigation for briefing and/or argument of summary judgment motions or motions for judgment as a matter of law, the following fees will apply analogously).

Task / Fee*

Writ application from district court; Petition for rehearing / $6,500

Principal brief – brief only (appellee brief, appellant brief only, writ application to Louisiana Supreme Court) / $7,750

Principal and reply brief / $11,900

Reply brief only / $5,000

Multiple brief discount (deducted from subsequent briefs in same matter where Bartlett Jones Law Firm has drafted brief; e.g., for principal brief following successful writ application) / (-15%)

Oral argument / $2,500

Multiple argument discount (deducted from subsequent oral arguments in same matter where Bartlett Jones Law Firm has already provided oral argument) / (-$500.00)

Rush surcharges
Add $2,000.00 when retained less than ten working days, but more than five working days, prior to filing deadline for principal brief.
Add $4,500.00 when retained five working days or less prior to filing deadline for principal brief.
Add $3,000.00 when retained less than five working days prior to filing deadline for reply brief.

* – Fees stated are effective April 2, 2008, and will remain in place for the duration of the matter for which The Bartlett Jones Law Firm has been retained. Otherwise, fees are subject to change. Fees include unlimited consultation with the client, all communications with the Court or opposing counsel necessary for representation in the appeal; any required travel and meal costs; and include The Bartlett Jones Law Firm’s fees for drafting of ancillary pleadings such as Appearance Forms, Motions to Appear, and Motions for Extension of Time. Fees do not include filing and other court costs and costs for copies required to prosecute the appeal.

Blended Flat/Contingency Appeals
The Bartlett Jones Law Firm recognizes that certain cases can only be brought through contingent-fee legal assistance. In recognition of this, The Bartlett Jones Law Firm will consider blending a lower flat fee with a contingent-portion of the award in certain cases. For example, a case may merit blending a $4,500.00 flat fee with a 5% recovery of fees if successful in defending a favorable judgment, or a $4,500.00 flat fee with a 7.5% recovery of fees if an appeal is successful in reversing an unfavorable judgment.

Affordable Hourly Rates
In certain cases, it will be beneficial to retain appellate counsel to consult with trial counsel during trial, to ensure that issues are properly positioned and preserved for the subsequent appeal. In other situations, the client and The Bartlett Jones Law Firm may determine that an hourly rate is necessary. Effective April 2, 2008, Mr. Jones’s hourly rate is $190.00 for time spent for any activities performed in representation of the client (exclusive of travel costs, copying costs, filing fees, and other costs associated with the representation).

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