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Appellate Representation

The Bartlett Jones Law Firm provides appellate representation for clients with cases before the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Louisiana Supreme Court, and all Louisiana intermediate appellate courts.

Whether appealing from an unfavorable judgment from the district court, or seeking to preserve a favorable verdict or ruling, any case worth appealing or defending on appeal, either monetarily or on principal, is worth engaging an attorney whose practice focuses on appellate representation. All attorneys bring different skills to a case. Some are brilliant tacticians in pre-trial maneuvering, others have an innate ability to connect with jurors during trial. Attorneys focusing on appellate representation bring a heightened ability to distill the facts and procedural circumstances of a long litigation into a cogent and concise analysis for a panel of appellate judges.

The job of the trial attorney is to uncover as many trees as possible, and to persuade a factfinder of the value of certain of those trees; the job of the appellate attorney is to give a panel of appellate judges a logical map of the forest that can lead only to resolution in favor of his client. Practiced thoroughness in the coverage of the applicable law, and logical, steel-trap organization of the facts found in a cold record are the skills that win on appeal. Often, the detached eye of an appellate counsel can provide a better view of a case to the detached eye of the appellate judge.
The skills of an attorney focusing on appellate representation must, of necessity, be transferrable across substantive legal areas, in order to distill relevant legal and factual developments whether the underlying matter involves criminal trials, constitutional issues, complex commercial or insurance-related disputes, toxic torts or other tort-based actions, bankruptcies, or employment-based claims.

Specialization and knowledge aggregation is critical in the sophisticated legal climate we populate. If you are associated with a team of Louisiana maritime lawyers, you have the ability to focus a significant amount of experience onto each case, where numbers really do matter, especially when those numbers are backed with experience.

From Bartlett’s service as a judicial clerk at the U.S. Fifth Circuit, he learned the value of being a student, not just of the law, but of the imprecise art of how each judge on a Court approaches the law, and the dynamic of how various judges on a Court interact on panels. Mr. Jones has maintained this study throughout his practice, to the benefit of his clients in preparing an appeal for oral argument.

Select Litigation Matters
The services of the Bartlett Jones Law Firm are also beneficial with regard to seeking legal relief in district courts in the form of summary judgment or judgment as a matter of law. Also, in commencing trial, posturing the issues before the trial court in anticipation of the subsequent appeal should strongly be considered, and an appellate attorney’s knowledge on how procedural posture affects the standard of review that will later be used by the appellate court would be a useful component of any trial team. The Bartlett Jones Law Firm associates with other attorneys at the trial phase for purposes of drafting and arguing motions for judgment as a matter of law and for advising during trial on potential appeal issues.

Bartlett Jones also has extensive experience and education on issues in the field of environmental law.The Bartlett Jones Law Firm is available to represent clients, and to act in association with other law firms in representing clients, with regard to environmental litigation, administrative proceedings, and remediation transactions.

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