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Our privacy policy prevents us from sharing any personal information with anyone. We attempt to prevent any leakage of information by requiring all parties involved in any legal action to respect the privacy of our clients. This includes ALL records of any standing. However if for instance, you had received several payday loans in the past year and had not repaid them in a timely manner as is required by these short-term loan provisions and the delinquency resulted in an adverse credit rating report, there is little we can do to prevent that information becoming known. Anyone with a “legitimate business need” can gain access to your credit history, including: insurance companies, those considering granting you credit such as banks, landlords, those considering your application for a government license or benefit if the agency is required to consider your financial status, a state or local child support enforcement agency, among others. There are some exceptions depending upon the state where you live.

In addition, we strongly discourage the use of social media by our clients, at least during any process that requires discovery, since most clients are unaware of the consequences of participation on social media websites.

We also discourage the posting of comments on blogs, forums and any publicly accessible website, platform, infrastructure, and any kind of messaging software, such as mass email programs. Since removal from these contact lists is very difficult, it is our recommended best practice to avoid them completely, if your privacy is paramount. There are news stories in newspapers, on the radio and television of people posting inappropriate comments which resulted in them getting arrested, losing out on jobs, and publicly humiliated as a number of US politicians have found out much to their chagrin. So think twice about posting an angry comment on Facebook, or tweeting a stupid remark.

Please ask about our privacy recommendations. We have prepared a booklet of guidelines to help clients navigate the murky waters of the internet, telnet, and private networks connected to the cloud.

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For advice on writing your own Privacy Policy for your business contact our business associate Jane Dubois. She has compiled a simple list of things to keep in mind while getting a team of writers together and is skilled at giving advice before starting any business management project. Before sitting down with any group of people to brainstorm for hours it’s a great idea to make sure that you are well stocked with snacks and beverages. Keeping your team’s juices flowing is key to working out any great policy. Being located near the desert AC is pretty important as well as ice for the many iced coffees our staff consume daily. Our offices tends to stick with a delivery services for snacks, lunches and spring water las vegas style. We have an office that works out many of our policy’s near Vegas and therefore order snacks from the MaPa sandwich store and mountain spring water from Tahoe Springs. You don’t need to order mountain spring water per-se we just find it to be the best for keeping all of our staff moving along and ready with new ideas.

Once you’re ready to sit down and brain storm make sure you have compiled a good list of what your company’s assets are and the things that could affect, alter or diminish them. From here you can start to pick apart what preventative steps ie what policies you’ll need to make. It is also highly recommended to look up similar businesses and their policies to see if any of theirs compare to yours.

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